Cordyceps mushroom and beet root are getting a lot of well-deserved attention in the athletic
world as potent pre-workout supplements. I first heard about the athletic benefits of these
plants 10 years ago when I was very active in the competitive road cycling community.

It’s important to note that road cyclists in general are some of the most competitive athletes in
the sports world. They train extremely hard and are always looking for an advantage over their
peers, sometimes spending huge amounts of money in an effort to lose ounces off their bikes.
This is why we often see professional cyclists getting popped for performance enhancing drugs.
Every detail can make or break a race.

Fortunately, this attention to detail makes road cyclists great test subjects, especially when it
comes to herbs and supplements. Those who track their workouts on the computer or phone
often have a very clear picture of what works and what doesn’t because they are able to easily
compare the data.

My interest in beet root and cordyceps began when a cycling buddy of mine started making a
habit of drinking eight ounces of beet juice before races because he noticed such a huge
difference in his cardio output. Another cycling friend of mine began regularly supplementing
with cordyceps mushroom after experiencing a marked difference in his workouts.

After hearing these results, I became interested in learning more about these two plants and
their effects on endurance and athletic performance. The research I found was astonishing.
Beet root acts as a strong pre-workout supplement because it increases nitric oxide in the blood
and encourages vasodilation (the dilation of your blood vessels). This has the effect of
increasing blood flow, oxygen, and other nutrients to your muscles, thus helping to strengthen
muscle contractions.

Another benefit to vasodilation is that it helps to flush toxins like lactic acid from your muscles,
allowing you to up the intensity of your workouts while increasing oxygen uptake (Vo2 max).
Cordyceps Mushroom is most well known as a supplement for its ability to increase ATP in the
cells. ATP is responsible for storing and transporting energy within your cells. Increased ATP
means more energy for the cells. Having a high level of cellular energy is an important
component when it comes to athletic endurance. For example, if you increase ATP to the cells
within a muscle, it increases how much energy that muscle has available to it. This improves the
strength of muscle contractions, an integral part of any intense workout.

Cordyceps also contain the compound cordycepin. In addition to its antioxidant properties,
cordycepin reduces the amount of inflammation in your bronchial tubes, allowing more oxygen
to be absorbed during exercise and increasing oxygen utilization, thus delivering more oxygen
to the muscles.

Beet Root + Cordyceps Mushroom together have shown to be a very potent combination for
increasing oxygen utilization and maximizing cardio output. This combination increases the
amount of oxygen in the blood, improves the delivery of blood to the muscles, and boosts
muscular energy due to increased ATP levels in the muscle cells.

I have been using this combination in my workouts for the last year and have noticed a major
difference in my breathing as well as my ability to push harder and further in my workouts. I
also notice that supplementing with beet root and cordyceps keeps me from feeling as sore the
next day.

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-Sam Schartz

About the author
Sam is the owner and formulator for Energize Organics. He has a passion for creating organic
herbal blends that improve wellness and maximize physical performance naturally. He is an avid
runner and former elite road cyclist winning the Sea Otter Classic road race in 2003.