On the surface, Sam Schartz epitomizes the all-American dream— beautiful family, good looks, and owner of a successful construction business. Yet, few know about the years of heartache and pain he endured.

Beginning at a young age, Sam was faced with a series of head injuries due to athletic activities. The resulting trauma induced an emotional state that rendered him essentially dysfunctional and energetically exhausted. The pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by his doctors either failed, or made him feel worse. In desperation, Sam sought relief by experimenting with a variety of botanical remedies and nutritional supplements. Each time he found one that made a difference, he added it to his own blend of beneficial herbs and nutrients.

Over many months, the number of restorative ingredients grew to 22 and the results were undeniable.

This realization prompted Sam to start Energize Organics for the purpose of sharing his discovery with others facing their own challenges and ailments. Our Herbal Synergy may provide relief to those suffering, who haven’t responded to conventional methods of healing. At Energize Organics, our utmost goal is to help those that are facing their own health challenges find support from natural sources that promote the healing process.